More2Life Tailored Choice Plan
Roll up Lifetime Mortgage

Scheme Name: More2Life Tailored Choice Plan
Interest Rate: 6.15%
APR: 6.48%

Incentive Deal:


Reserve Facility

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Full details:

More2Life have added to their lifetime mortgage range with an ill-health drawdown lifetime mortgage scheme aimed at people over age 55, and are looking at obtaining the highest possible facility based on their poor health.

More2Life have created a competitive interest rate product for people with, or held enhanced health conditions and is encompassed by their Tailored Choice Plan range.

By completing a Health & Lifestyle questionnaire More2Life's underwriting department will determine the size of the lump sum available. Effectively, the poorer the health of the youngest applicant, the greater the size of the maximum possible lump sum will be.

The Tailored Choice plan will provide a capital lump sum with the option of a drawdown mortgage facility aimed at the over 55's. Although the minimum age stated is 55, to qualify, the equivalent underwritten rated age must reach age 60 for single applications, and age 65 for joint applications.

The More2Life Tailored Choice Equity Release Plan is available in England, Wales and mainland Scotland on properties valued over £70,000 with a minimum initial release of £10,000 & a maximum equity release of £600,000 in England, £250,000 in Wales & Scotland.

The inclusion of a 'Protected Equity Guarantee' means a specific percentage of the property value can be protected away from the mortgage. This in turn allows a fixed percentage to then be passed onto your beneficiaries.

*Cashbacks offers are available. Ring for details of latest cashback deals.

**Rates vary and are dependent upon age

Please call 0800 678 5159 for further details or request a More2Life Tailored Choice quote.